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Remember when:

THAT summer you wore pants because you thought your legs were too fat?

You didn’t go to the pool party because you couldn’t let your friends see you in a bathing suit?

You avoided letting your beloved see you naked in morning light because it exposed your cellulite?

You couldn’t join your girlfriends in clothing swaps because you’d have to change clothes in front of them?

I remember! These thoughts creep up now and again. What’s new is that I have a stronger voice inside me that advocates for ME!

“Hey I know you can do this. Just for today. Be a Body Love Champion. There’s no better time than right now! Just for today-stand tall, take up all the space around you.  Be full size. Stretch. Reach. Expand when you inhale. Laugh big. Speak up. You can do this. Enjoy your LIVING BREATHING BODY today.”

It’s a conscious mind-body practice. I am falling in-love with my body. Instead of ‘shaping my body’ I am accepting my ripples and dimples, wiggles and jiggles, lumps and bumps and humps. I am feeling my body with a familiar touch the same way I do walking barefoot on fresh morning dew.

  • My bones are made of the same stuff as the sea shells.
  • My blood, sweat and tears are just like the salt solution of the ocean.
  • I have the same percentage of water as Earth.
  • My hot flashes resemble ‘Global Warming’.
  • My mood swings mirror natural disasters.
  • I am resilient as Mother Nature.

With over 30 years professional experience, I guide individuals and groups on how to Love their Bodies.

I practice compassion, wisdom and sharp intuition.

BodyLove Sessions include guided movement meditations and conscious languaging to integrate the ‘whole body’ -mental, physical,  and emotional.

My areas of specialty are eating disorders, body image, and lifestyle counseling. 

I hold a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. 

Gaia Couture Love Your Body IIFull Body. Full Story.

As a ‘little girl’ I was a Tom-Boy. I had 3 older brothers and didn’t like wearing girl clothes. How can you wear a dress and slide or teeter totter, or ride the merry-go-round without showing your underwear? 

The women who ‘raised me’ didn’t like their own bodies and had erratic eating habits.  I didn’t like my Mother’s body. She smelled like stale beer and cigarette butts.  In fact even though she was heavy,  I don’t remember seeing my Mother eat.

I learned how to be obsessed with my body while living with my Bulimic Aunt Irma from ages 9 to 14.  She fought tooth and nail the natural process of aging. A middle-aged soft, round, curvy feminine body terrified her.  While living in one of many foster homes at age 16,  I was ‘date raped’. I gained 50 pounds in 6 months while moving from foster home to foster home.

My last foster family were all about Weight Watchers. Beyond teaching me how to watch my weight-their steady love and support helped me graduate from High School and begin the long journey of Loving my Body.

In my 30’s, Wild Woman Gatherings in Texasremembering wild body

was like an internal earthquake. Wailing, dancing, sweating and singing brought me to my knees. I saw my mother’s body when I looked at my reflection. These women were raw, honest, and openly revealed what it was to be in a female body.  I’ll never have the ‘ideal’ body. Life’s too short to live in regret. Acceptance is my spiritual practice.

Sensual Eating Book Cover
Sensual Eating by Carola Marashi M.A.

Your personal BODYLOVE Sessions are unique and I follow your highest intention of self-love and acceptance.

With a B.S. in Nutrition and a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology, I’m grounded and centered to serve YOU. Besides being a woman who’s struggled with my body image since childhood, I lean on my study and practice of Hakomi Therapy, Psychodrama, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improvisation, and Compassionate Communication.


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Falling in love with falling in love with my body,