Let’s begin with you stretching your arms out and fully hug yourself for saying YES!

self_hugA nice tight squeeze. Imagine I’m hugging you back. I’m really excited you said yes. We are both taking a giant step forward on the path of women supporting women.

Find your way to standing.

You might feel rocky and shaky, like white water rapids. Good! Being unsettled is GOOD! We are consciously disrupting the cultural paradigm that got you to this point. I’ve got your back. All the women in your lineage have your back. You’ve reached the point of holding onto letting go. You are dying to be alive. So let’s do this! Together.  Let’s reach deeper and grip onto who we really are. Breathe. We are on a ride of self love. The waters run deep. Hold onto the ebb and flow of your breath. We are powerful beings full of courage. Re-member your work of self-love is healing not only you, it’s empowering sisterhood.

Find the bottoms of your feet and touch the floor. Wiggle your toes. You are sinking in a little deeper. Feel your connection to mother earth.

If your with someone, face them as though they were your mirror.

wp-1475875602668.jpegIf your alone find a comfortable standing position.

Roll Up on your toes, then rock back on your heels.

Now Feel your weight shift from right foot to left foot.

Balance somewhere in the middle.

Spread your toes.

Shake your legs out. Soften your ankles.

Gently relax your knees.

Now You are Relaxed. Centered and Grounded.

Your feet are firmly planted into the floor.

Your knees are soft. Your jaws are soft. Your pelvis is open.

During this BodyLove meditation you are going to see yourself with innocence. Inner Sense.

Rub your palms together and create friction.

Cup your hands over both of your eyes softly.

Place your vision into your palms.

You have sculptors hands to see intimately.

In To Me I see Love and acceptance.

Repeat this out loud.

In To Me I see Love and Acceptance.

Right now your palms are charged with curiosity.

Feel your vision move all the way through to your fingertips.

670px-Parts_of_the_body_-_en.svgBegin your exploration of yourself as an artist.

Start with your head.

Feel your skull.

Front and back and forehead.

Feel the bones of your head. Your openings. Ears. Eyes. Nose. Mouth

Feel your edges. Your cheek bones. Your jaws.

Gently stroke the back of your head. Feel the dents and bumps on your perfect skull.

Feel the back of your neck, let your fingers crawl to underneath your chin.

With both of your palms, gently explore your neck.

Your throat. Your clavicle.

Stroke the roundness of your shoulders.

Lift your arms and feel underneath.

Discover your wonderful body with your fingertips.  This is the first time you’ve been so intimate with yourself.


Feel the warmth and dampness under your arms.

With soft palms caress your triceps, biceps, and elbows.

Stroke your forearm and wrist.

Now give yourself a hand massage.

Feel your squishy soft hands.

Squishy is strong and flexible.

Squeeze your fingers. Each one.

Squeeze your thumbs.

Love on Both of your Hands.

Now crawl up your other wrist.

Touch with fresh eyes and discover your Forearm. Your Elbow. Bicep. Tricep. Armpit.

Come around your chest.

Enjoy the roundness of Your breasts.

Breathe. Feel your chest rise as you inhale.

Feel your chest empty as you exhale.

Say ahhh and moan.

Enjoy feeling your chest vibrate as you purr.

Drop down to your belly.

Breathe in and let your belly round out and expand.

Exhale and let your belly relax.

Your belly holds intuition. Deep down in your guts you know your courage to love yourself.

Your gut instincts know that soft is your strength.

budda-loves-bodyLove your belly. Love how it takes in what it needs and releases what it doesn’t need.

Release now, false beliefs that you need to be any other way than you are right now.

Kiss both palms and Rub your

round buddha belly 3X.

Feel your rib cage.

Reach around to your back.

Take turns feeling both sides of your waist.

With both hands feel your hips.

Linger and savor the roundness

of your hips. Your butt.

Hang awhile here and massage and gently rubbing and squeezing what ever feels good.

Being the artist that your are enjoy feeling your thighs. The inside of your thighs.

Your knees. The inside of your knees.

Stretch your back as you reach for your calves. Down to your ankles.

Spread your feet apart and bend your knees as you reach down and rub on your ankles. Take in a deep breath and exhale as you stand up. Take in another deep breath as you and reach your arms above your head stretching your fingers to touch the sky.

Breathe with ease as you drop your hands to your side. Rock your body forward onto your toes and rock back onto your heels.

Shake your legs out. Soften your ankles.

Gently wobble your knees. Your form is complete. Your body is your sanctuary. You’ve blessed your body with love and acceptance. 

To confirm the completion of your perfectly sculptured art body- With intention Glide your hands along your sides from your ankles to your knees. To your thighs. To your hips.  Around your waist.

Up to your chest. Cup your breasts. Cross your palms over your heart.

Cup your neck. Put your hands softly on your cheeks.

break free from your mold

Cover your eyes again.

Breathe in deep. Compassion.

Exhale Straight with a LOUD sigh any mind chatter.

Click your heels together TWICE.

Turn around with your eyes covered One full revolution.

Drop your arms to your side.

Squeeze your eyes.

Say Out Loud

I am falling in love with falling in love with my body.

Open your eyes.

Soften your jaws.

Lick your lips and Kiss your left palm. Say thank you.

Kiss your right palm. Say you are welcome.

Rub your palms together. Rub them fast and build friction.

Now with your palms hot, cover your eyes.

Absorb the warmth you have created for yourself.

Somewhere inside you, you know your body is lovely just the way it is.

Gently lift your palms.

Uncover your eyes.

cropped-images-10.jpg With your eyes closed-See you with your new fresh artists eyes.

Now open your eyes slowly.

Breathe in.

Breathe out slowly.


Sit comfortably and write in your journal your experience. jot down without editing-what it felt like to feel yourself with sculptor’s hands.

Swan dive or tip toe your way through a full immersion into body love. No matter how you enter, your invitation is to drown out false beliefs that cast a shadow on your self-reflection. BodyLove Sessions by Carola Marashi M.A.