I remembered my dream this morning.  I was telling a girlfriend a childhood memory.  On the way to school, I stopped at a girlfriend’s house to change my clothes and hair ‘do’.class-photo-5-th-grade

My Aunt Irma fluffed my hair and dressed me that morning like she usually does, not how I want to look. At my girlfriend’s house, I changed into a super short dress and tried to part my hair on the side. Oopsey! I didn’t know that our school was taking class pictures. 4 weeks later my Aunt saw that I had changed my hair style.  I’m the 4th one on the left.

That’s what Girl Friends are for-being there-coaxing/daring/encouraging us to come out, show up, be seen-be heard! Be real and take risks!

GIRL POWER! Click the link to watch an Ahh Mazing short video that’s all about girl power. I cried when I saw girls being asked what they thought. My throat hurt when I witnessed them light up when they were seen and heard by an adult. Growing up with 3 older brothers, a truly misogynistic father and clinically depressed mother, I didn’t have any clue or role model of girl power. Being ashamed of being a girl that’s sensitive, empathic, and innocent are internal scars. I’m curious what scars would look like if they were worn on the outside like a tattoo. remembering wild body

Even though I’m 57 years old, my inner 10 year old gets my respect and attention. She’s highly intuitive, highly sensitive, and keenly aware of human rights.

imagesThe next time you have the honor of connecting with a young girl-be sure to acknowledge her inner beauty-her inner genius. We’re all extraordinary beings. We all want the same thing – to be seen and heard. So simple!


BodyLove Sessions help you embrace your unique body shape, size, and inherent beauty.

Do you know that 9 out of 10 women struggle with their body image? And the ‘average’ woman’s dress size is 14? You’re not alone. You deserve to Love Your Body!

I follow your pace, and it’s very private.

BodyLove Sessions offer solid steps on how to cultivate body acceptance over body tolerance, compassion over criticism, and perceive an honest reflection in the mirror.

Sessions Include

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  • Guided Self-Reflections

  • Personal Body Love Excursions

  • Body Love Coaching  

I personally guarantee you will fall in love with falling in love with your body.

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