Child Body Image distortion.I learned how to NOT love my body from the women who raised me. My mom was overweight but I never saw her eat. My aunt was bulimic and always dieting. My foster mother was a chronic weight watcher.  I specialized my nutrition counseling practice working with Eating Disorders. I then realized I had an eating disorder.  I wrote a book on embracing food and our bodies-Sensual Eating. Now as an Ordained Minister I guide women on how to love and accept their bodies.

You’re not alone.

9 out of 10 women struggle with accepting their body image reflection. Their inner voice and critical eye make it nearly impossible to see the inherent beauty in the mirror.670px-Parts_of_the_body_-_en.svg

BodyLove Sessions are personal phone sessions to help you re-write your inner voice dialogue. 

“I took the  Body Love plunge. I LOVED working with Carola. Her insights were right on and she helped me look in the mirror and see love for myself as opposed to criticism. We covered a lot of territory–physical and emotional. Carola went with me wherever I needed to go. It was fun, revealing, and inspirational! ” DG

I’ve been wrestling with my body image since I was 4 years old. I didn’t like the color of my skin. I thought I was supposed to have a flat stomach and long legs. I thought I was supposed to be tall and thin and curvy too.

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I’m not waiting for the struggle to stop. Every day I hear my inner voice criticize my body. Varicose veins, stretch marks, and a distorted body image are the scars of my childhood.

The voice doesn’t stop.

open arms carolaWhat’s new is that I have choices on how to respond to this inner critical voice. It’s a spiritual practice to see beauty in my reflection. With an open heart I share my personal, professional and spiritual journey with you. You are not alone. 


I follow your pace, and it’s very private.

Sessions Include

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  • Guided Self-Reflections

  • Personal Body Love Excursions

  • Body Love Coaching  

I personally guarantee you will fall in love with falling in love with your body.

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$90 per session or 5 Sessions paid in advance $399.

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