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BodyLove Sessions are personal phone sessions to help you re-write your inner voice dialogue. Call NOW to Reserve your spot!

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FREE! BodyLove Sessions Tuesdays Noon Begins Sept 11

BodyLove PLUNGE offer solid steps on how to cultivate  body acceptance over body tolerance,  compassion over criticism,  and an honest reflection in the mirror. 


Let’s begin with you stretching your arms out and fully hug yourself for saying YES! A nice tight squeeze. Imagine I’m hugging you back. I’m really excited you said yes. We are both taking a giant step forward on the... Continue Reading →

Girl Power!

Being ashamed of being sensitive, empathic, and innocent are internal scars. I’m curious what scars would look like if they were worn on the outside like a tattoo.

Watch this video and your heart and feet will skip a beat!

Watching this video made my heart and feet skip a beat!

If I could change one thing about my body…

Here’s a video that will open your eyes and heart! “The kids are wonderful, have the wisdom of the innocence…” “Very good video, interesting and to think well of what we have and as we are.”


My daily song to myself from a Father to his daughter! (Click the link above and listen to him sing to her!) Then SING AFTER ME! Beauty comes in every size and shape. It can't be measured by measuring tape.... Continue Reading →

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